Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer 2012 Homer Multitext Seminar to Begin Next Week

Next week four teams of undergraduate researchers and faculty mentors will convene at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC for the 2012 Homer Multitext summer seminar. The seminar will provide an introduction to fundamental ideas about the oral composition and transmission of the epics, and basic training in editing digital texts. The seminar will focus on manuscripts of the Iliad with scholia that have been photographed as part of the Homer Multitext project.

During the two weeks of the seminar, student-faculty teams will work on manuscript material not fully published previously, and will be expected to continue to work as a team after returning to their home institution. Successfully completed work will be reviewed and published as part of the Homer Multitext project's digital publication program.

Each student-faculty team will take responsibility for leading the work on one section of a manuscript. Teams will be trained in the full cycle of editing a digital facsimile edition:
- indexing a collection of digital photographs to a citable folio of a code
- creating a visual inventory cataloging where passages of texts appear on images
- creating a visual inventory cataloging where non-textual features of interest appear on images (critical signs, and other graphic features)
- editing a diplomatic edition of the Iliadic text
- learning to read and edit a diplomatic edition of the scholia
Each phase of the work is collaborative. At least two members of each team will review material prior to jointly submitting work for review and publication. All contributors will be credited in publication.

Stay tuned over the summer to hear more about what the students discover!

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