Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Academic Conference at Holy Cross

Every spring, the College of the Holy Cross hosts an Academic Conference during which students showcase research and share their conclusions on long term projects or senior theses. Once again, the HMT was well represented by several teams who shared their ongoing research from the 2014-2015 academic year. 
The whole Classics panel at the Academic Conference,
including teams working on other manuscript projects
Michael and Corey highlighting examples in the Lexicon

Michael Kelley '18 and Corey Scannell '18 shared their work on Apollonius Sophistes' Homeric Lexicon, remarkable for the fact that they are working on the only extant copy of the work. Both Michael and Corey will be joining this year's summer seminar at the Center for Hellenic Studies.

Melody discussing scholia in depth

Alex Simrell '16, Charlie Schufreider '17, and Melody Wauke '17 shared examples from their work on editions of Iliad 14 and 15, which highlight the multitextual tradition of the Iliad. All three presenters are veterans of the summer seminar.

The conference session concluded with two seniors Brian Clark '15 and Nikolas Churik '15, both veterans of the summer seminar and both working on senior theses based on the culmination of their work with the HMT. 

Brian outlines the Epic Cycle

Brian Clark shared some of his research on additional sources for the epic cycle, retellings of the Iliad, and what the differences between these texts reveal about how the ancient world treated the epic cycle. 

Nik discusses the prose paraphrase from the Omega 1.12

Nikolas Churik discussed his research on Iliadic paraphrases, working with prose paraphrases, glosses of the Iliadic text, and what these texts reveal about the readers and the ancient art of translation.