Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer Researchers Present Their Work At Holy Cross

Back to school season is here and while most students are concerned with the first week of classes, several Homer Multitext researchers joined their peers at Holy Cross's Annual Summer Research Symposium this Friday, September 5th. Our researchers stood alongside projects from the sciences and humanities, all of which were conducted at the College of the Holy Cross this summer. Hogan Ballroom was packed from 1-4pm.

Brian Clark '15, Andrew Boudon '15, and Nik Churik '15
(not pictured Alex Simrell '16 and Chris Ryan '16)

After a solid summer of creating editions of Iliad 11 in two manuscripts, they had a lot of say on scribal methods and repetition of content in the scholia. We look forward to hearing more details about their discoveries as the Fall progresses!

Brian Clark '15 shares his research with Holy Cross Classics professor