Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inventorying the scholia to the Iliad

Previous publications in print both individually and collectively offer only a selection of the scholia to be found in manuscripts. As one part of a summer research internship at the College of the Holy Cross, Melissa Browne and Frankie Hartel collaborated with Profs. Mary Ebbott and Neel Smith to create the first complete inventory of scholia in the Venetus A manuscript, for books 3 and 4 of the Iliad. Each scholion has a unique identifier, and is assigned to one of the distinct groups of scholia distinguished by their placement on the folio, by orthographic features, and perhaps to a greater extent than it has been possible to appreciate from print publication by their contents.

The scholia are also indexed to the images Browne and Hartel are using to create an edition of the texts. The digital "working notebooks" Browne and Hartel developed are now being published at, where references to regions of images are used to dynamically embed sections of images in the web page, and to create a color-coded overview of the contents of each folio side.