Thursday, August 9, 2012

πάθει, μάθος

When I ran the automated build to publish our collection of xml diplomatic editions as blogged here earlier this week, I had inadvertently turned off a final automated validation on all of the texts to be published, and some errors crept into the published package.  I've rerun the build and republished the texts.  If your system is automatically using the latest version of a Nexus artifact, you'll now get the correct versions.  If you are manually setting the version, please update it to 2012.8.9, or to download manually, get the zip file from the 2012.8.9 directory here.

Apologies to those who were mystified by the errors in the initial release.  We're still learning how to automate the management of our archives as effectively as possible, and will continue to blog here our successes and failures alike.

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