Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Building the HMT web site

As part of our broader effort to automate the management of the expanding digital resources of the Homer Multitext project, we have recently defined four sections of the web site:

  1. archival data (hmt-data)
  2. technical documentation (hmt-doc)
  3. programs developed for the HMT (hmt-code)
  4. end-user applications (hmt-apps)
The content is written in markdown in four repositories hosted on  The markdown pages are converted to HTML5 and formatted for inclusion in the HMT web site using mdweb,  a minimal system for managing structured documentation in markdown syntax which you can find among our first listings in the new hmt-code section of the site (here).

We hope that with this very lightweight documentation system we will be able to keep these sections of the web site up to date more easily.  The new system has already simplified mirroring those sections of the HMT web site:  you can currently find clones of all four sections on

To coordinate blog entries here with content on the web site, we will include tags parallel to the four web site sections (data, doc, code, apps) on discussion here relevant to one of those sections.

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