Wednesday, July 13, 2011

CHS Summer Workshop 2011

From June 27 to July 9, students and faculty collaborators took part in a workshop on the Homer Multitext project. As part of the workshop, five teams worked on a collaborative edition of Iliad 5 in the Venetus A, with each team assuming responsibility for a section of the book. Teams prepared a diplomatic edition of the Iliadic text, and created a comprehensive inventory of the scholia with citations tying each inventory entry to visual evidence. Upon completion of the inventory, they then edited the scholia. In the span of two weeks, the participants completed nearly all of book 5; we hope to have a complete edition before the end of July.

On several occasions, the new editors noticed features of the text or manuscript that have not been published or have not been completely published before. Some of these observations raise interesting questions about the preparation of the Venetus A manuscript, the sources available to the scribe(s) of the Venetus A, and the Homeric multiforms preserved in those sources. We can look forward to seeing postings on this blog with some of their observations in the near future.

The 2011 workshop participants were:

Christopher Blackwell
Melissa Browne
Peter Collins
Matthew Davis
Casey Dué
Mary Ebbott
Leah Elder
Tucker Hannah
Francis Hartel
Amy Koenig
Katie Phillips
Lenny Muellner
Kathleen O'Connor
Annalisa Quinn
Emily Schurr
Neel Smith
Melanie Steinhardt

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