Tuesday, June 15, 2010

UH High Performance Computing hosts Homer Multitext data

The Homer Multitext is a publication of Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies. The project has been from the beginning, however, a collaborative one between colleagues with various strengths and abilities and from a variety of different kinds of institutions all over the United States and Europe. My own particular research focus has always been the Homeric epics and the oral tradition in which they were composed, but our team includes computer scientists, conservators, and photographers, philologists, art historians, codicologists, papyrologists, and historians. I would like to record my appreciation here for the constant assistance and support of the University of Houston's Research Computing Center, its director Keith Crabb, and especially staff member Alan Pfeiffer-Traum. All image data for the Homer Multitext Project is also hosted by the UH RCC, and can be found at http://amphoreus.hpcc.uh.edu/.

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